A slow start for Nunavut

Most uluit come in Arctic Sports and Dene Games

Ikey Bolt of Kugluktuk won silver in the junior male two-foot high kick March 6.

Nunavut was seventh of nine teams after three days of competition at the 2012 Arctic Winter Games in Whitehorse. The territory’s current ulu count includes two golds, three silver and five bronze.

All of Nunavut’s gold and silver uluit came in Arctic sports and Dene games. Two of the five bronze were won in table tennis and wrestling team competition.

Jordan Levi of Arctic Bay won Nunavut’s first gold medal Monday with a 70.94-metre snow snake throw, 1.64 metres farther than Randy Standifer Jr. of Alaska, and 5.96 metres farther than Matthew Brown of Yukon.


Nunavut's Papatsi Rojas reacts as Alberta North's Hailey Winnicky-Lewis wipes out. Rojas was disqualified in this, the first heat.

Hitting 8-foot-2 inches, Kugluktuk resident Andrew Bell's two-foot high kick bested three men from Alaska in the open male category Tuesday. The 27-year-old's gold-winning kick on the second attempt was a full 2-foot-2-inches above his 6-foot frame. Bell had already won silver Monday in one hand reach, finishing behind two Alaskan competitors who tied for gold.

Ikey Bolt of Kugluktuk took silver Tuesday in the junior male two-foot high kick. He won a 6-foot-9-inch kick-off with other competitors who failed to reach the 6-foot-10-inch mark set by winner Ahuya Snowball of Nunavik. Brandon Quyik of Baker Lake placed fifth after the kick-off.

“Awesome,” Bolt said when asked how winning silver at his first Arctic Winter Games felt. “That was my personal record, too.”

He said the one-foot high kick would be the event to watch with Quyik as his toughest competition in that event.

Johnny James Kilabuk, 24, of Arctic Bay, earned silver in his first games with a 75.4-metre open male snow snake toss, which was 3.5 metres shorter than the winning throw by veteran Doronn Fox of Whitehorse, YT.


Nunavut's Alexia Galloway-Alainga finished fourth in the 500m juvenile girls' speed skating event March 6.

The 2010 open male kneel jump winner James Qajaaqjuaq Tautu, 25, of Chesterfield Inlet, had to settle for bronze Monday with a height of 136.8 centimetres.

Two Arctic Bay residents earned bronze in stick pull Tuesday. Tom Naqitarvik, 25, earned his ulu in the open male category, while Malinda Audlakiak, 14, earned hers in the juvenile female category.

The open co-ed wrestling team won bronze Monday, while the junior female table tennis team won bronze Tuesday.

The team had its share of close calls, too, with fourth place being a more common finish than any other according to official results as of Tuesday evening.