Wrestlers haul in silver and bronze

Almost double medal count to push Nunavut into 6th

Jonah Oolayou reaches to hit a birdie in junior boys’ badminton Wednesday. All of the junior badminton players are in contention for medals heading into playoffs.

Team Nunavut leaped over Team Greenland in the ulu count Wednesday thanks to its wrestlers, who alone brought in nine as the count surged from 10 to 21 in one day.

The gold count also doubled to four thanks to triple medalist Andrew Bell’s 10.95-metre triple jump and the junior boys’ hand games players.

Other than athletes in Arctic sports, Dene games and wrestling, the junior table tennis girls were Nunavut’s only athletes to wear uluit as of Wednesday. Each of Arctic sports and Dene games have earned five uluit, while wrestlers have brought in another ten.

At 21 medals, Nunavut athletes will need to work very hard to catch up with 5th place Alberta North and 4th place Yamal, which have 53 and 54 uluit respectively. Alaska leads with 107, including 37 gold.

All of Nunavut’s junior badminton players are in contention heading into the playoffs later this week, while speed skaters could compete for uluit Thursday and Friday.

Both basketball junior teams will play Thursday, and could medal as there are only four teams in either division. The midget boys’ hockey team and junior girls’ volleyball teams are in a similar position.

Indoor soccer players still have round robin matches to play, and the junior girls’ team is guaranteed a chance at an ulu.

 Here's a tally of Nunavut uluit as of Wednesday:


Arctic Sports Two-Foot High Kick Open Male: Andrew Bell

Arctic Sports Triple Jump Open Male: Andrew Bell

Dene Games Hand Games Junior Male: Nunavut

Dene Games Snow Snake Junior Male: Jordan Levi


Arctic Sports Two-Foot High Kick Junior Male: Ikey Bolt

Arctic Sports One Hand Reach Open Male: Andrew Bell

Dene Games Snow Snake Open Male: Johnny James Kilabuk

Wrestling Individual up to 56Kg Junior Female: Becky Ottokie

Wrestling Individual up to 57Kg Junior Male: William Nakoolak


Arctic Sports Kneel Jump Open Male: James Qajaaqjuaq Tautu

Dene Games Stick Pull Open Male: Tom Naqitarvik

Dene Games Stick Pull Juvenile Female: Malinda Audlakiak

Table Tennis Team Event Junior Female: Nunavut

Wrestling Individual up to 52Kg Junior Female: Pee Sheojuk Toonoo

Wrestling Individual up to 52Kg Junior Male: Sandy Jr Saviakjuk

Wrestling Individual up to 60Kg Junior Female: Uliipika Irngaut

Wrestling Individual up to 62Kg Junior Male: Morgan Taqqaugaq

Wrestling Individual up to 68Kg Junior Male: Rock Kakuktinniq

Wrestling Individual up to 82Kg Junior Male: David Haulli Jr.

Wrestling Individual up to 90Kg Junior Male: Levi Enuaraq-Strauss

Wrestling Team Competiton Open Coed Open Mix: Team Nunavut